Open Face Balaclava Thinsulate

Open Face Balaclava Thinsulate

Open Face Balaclava Thinsulate
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Open Face Balaclava - 1/2 Price Special Offer

     Quality knitted
     Thinsulate thermal which retains body heat for maximum warmth in the coldest of conditions
     Colour: Black or O/Green


How can Thinsulate insulation keep me warm when it is so thin?

The concept that makes Thinsulate insulation so effective is actually simple. All insulations work by trapping air among their fibers. The more air trapped, the more efficient the insulation. More fibers in less space provide more surface area on which air layers can form. Thinsulate Insulation has microfibers with a diameter of less than 10 microns, which are about 10 times smaller than a human hair and trap more air in less space than any other insulation material used in the apparel industry.

What if Thinsulate insulation gets wet?

It will still keep you warm and comfortable. Thats because Thinsulate insulation retains its insulating ability in damp conditions. Its fibers absorb less than 1% by weight of water, so it stays effective at keeping you warm and it dries easily if it does become wet.

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